In the beginning, Nas Daily was centered around PLACES. That was a mistake. It should be about PEOPLE. So on this special occasion, I'm making another default video to describe what Nas Daily is.Not many people realize how selfish Nas Daily is. I am selfish because I am interested in living an awesome life for myself -- and it's working. To me, an awesome life is not just in driving a Maserati, but also in talking politics, traveling to crazy places, flying my drone, sharing thoughts, and helping the poor. This is the awesome life I want to publicly build through these 1 minute videos....here....only on Facebook.I finance this awesome life through money I made from my previous job, but now because Nas Daily has grown so big, I do side consulting / videos to keep these wheels running, and luckily people seem to want to hire me. I'm not interested in Youtube ad money, and I'm not going to sell out easily. Nas Daily is expensive. I'm not gonna sit here to tell you what to do in your own life. No one wants to be told what to do, how to think, what to wear. No one wants to be talked at. I don't. It rarely works. It is my belief that if I put the effort into documenting my life and thoughts in a way that doesn't come off as preachy or cocky, it will translate to more people watching, thinking, and hopefully doing whatever they want to better their own lives.I used to be scared of aiming for a million in fears of missing it, but this time I'm going all in.1,000,000 friends here we come. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram because why not?!

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, March 13, 2017

What is Nas Daily?

I am Nas. I found out I was 32% done with life. So I quit my great job to build a great life. I do 1-minute long video every day.

The Story

I want to make videos about things I care about. I don't care about MANY things, but for the few things I care about, I will go to the end of the world to make a video about them (Mt. Fuji, North Korea, Startups, etc) and share with you.

I am not a philosopher. I just like talking, making videos, and traveling.

Meet the Team

None of this would be possible without the help of others.
Here are some of the genius people I work with.

Chanté helps with the logistical side of things. She loves food, rooftop pools & gets featured in the occasional video here and there.


My Family

My biggest supporters

Learn more about them here

My family consists of: My father (a psychologist), mother (a school teacher), brother (a dentist), sister (high school student), youngest brother (elementary school student), and me (the unemployed [sorry mom!]).

Thank you to all of you out there who have been helping me on my journey. Your support is what keeps me going every day.

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